The Alternate Reality Tour w/ Smokestax, Inkblot, XL + More – Tickets – Your Mom’s House – Denver, CO – January 30th, 2020

The Alternate Reality Tour w/ Smokestax, Inkblot, XL + More
Boogie Groove Entertainment Presents


Inkblot, XL, Pashmonix, Figtronica

$12.00 - $15.00
Ages 21+
The Alternate Reality Tour w/ Smokestax, Inkblot & XL at YMH

The Alternate Reality Tour w/ Smokestax, Inkblot, XL, Figtronica, Pashmonix, Slvdgy at YMH


Smokestax is a 24 year old producer from outerspace making his home on earth to bring humans together through sound. With a background as a drummer who performed in a number of punk bands as well as marching band, his beats provide a tasteful display of drum patterns which become the overpowering drive of his productions.



Started making beats circa 2013 -- Want to bring the sound anywhere/everywhere


Figtronica is more of a genre of a different kind of electronic music ranging from ambient works, to downtempo hip-hop to a faster paced progressive house feel. So remember to getfiggewitit when the beat drops!


Producer/DJ duo out of Boulder, Colorado. They specialize in making bass music with similar craft as ATLiens, Stuca, G-Rex, Svdden Death and Peekaboo.


I am 18 years old , I make Dubstep / Riddim . Been working hard to have a diverse sound and bring new and refreshing things to the table !

DJ Melee

Happy Hour >> 4pm-8pm >> ½ Off All Drinks (includes Top Shelf)

Presented by Boogie Groove Entertainment

Venue Information:
Your Mom's House
608 E 13th Ave.
Denver, CO, 80203