Deception ft. Prismatic & MurMur – Tickets – Your Mom's House – Denver, CO – February 21st, 2020

Deception ft. Prismatic & MurMur
Presented By Boogie Groove Entertainment & The Village Hidden in the Bass



Xstinct, They Invade, PAIN, EXOPLANET

Ages 21+
Deception ft. Prismatic & MurMur

Deception ft. Prismatic & MurMur


Stepping onto the electronic music scene in 2013 with his debut ep "Ab Initio", Prismatic has been making waves ever since with his hair raising sound design and pristine production quality. His music takes us on a journey through the spectrum of bass music as beautiful pads and melodies prepare the listener for unforgettable drops.


Xstinct is a Multi-Genre Producer from Denver, Colorado. With a never ceasing passion for music, he draws inspiration from his early love for hip hop and current love for electronic music. His constant desire to showcase his craft to higher and higher levels of artistic excellence has lead to the opportunity to work with some his biggest influences such as Born I Music, M.I.M.E, and Lox Chatterbox.

They Invade

Thadeus Deal is a Colorado based dj/producer looking to deliver a mind bending sonic experience at any and every opportunity. Splitting himself into two different projects; TBlue for his lofi and experimental ideas and They Invade for everything bass, you can expect a wide variety of genres.


Thomas Ricciardi, Alternatively known as "PAIN", is an electronic music artist reigning from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He began his bass music journey under the name FROSTI, making tutorials and preset packs for his fans and followers.


EXOPLANET is based out of Tampa FL and has only been around for a little over ONE year. But in that one year EXOPLANET has landed performances at some of the HIGHEST quality venues in Florida and has recently started his FIRST NATIONAL TOUR.


Tiers: $10 | $15 | $20

Dos: $10 until 9pm | $20 after 9pm

Doors 7pm | Show 8pm

Happy Hour >> 4pm-7pm >> 1/2 Off All Drinks

(Includes Top Shelf)


Infinity Mirror Stage By Lux Liberation

February 21st, 2020

Your Mom’s House

608 E 13th Ave

Denver, CO 80203

Presented By Village Hidden in the Bass & Boogie Groove Entertainment

Venue Information:
Your Mom's House
608 E 13th Ave.
Denver, CO, 80203