Marquee Magazine Article – The 40 Best New Year’s Eve Shows

Got plans for New Year’s Eve? Well you do now. Marquee Magazine posted a great rundown of  the best shows, and Your Mom’s House is on the list!

We’re partying from 7 pm – 2 am, so come ring in the new year right! We’ve got an epic lineup, so check it out and grab your tickets here: NYE: Pandasaywhat?! // Melody Lines // R-Doo // C.S.O // The Lituation // TMC

What’s that? That’s not enough part for you? Then come to our New Years Day party DayOnsie Pajama Dance Party ft. Pandasaywhat?!, Thunderthief, MIDIcinal, dr1zzle, Sunfeathr, DRTY HBTZ, Whodafux, Xenolinguist, Annabelle.  See you there!